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Plastic containers

The Vista Cylinders offer a sleek, yet professional look that will fit in almost any application.

Available in: sizes from 7" to 20" in Standard and Metallic, Metallic flake, Marble, and Faux finishes.

Vista Cylinder Planter Color Finishes

NewPro Pot Luck Poly Containers Pot Luck heavy duty gauge commercial poly planters are designed to provide clean accents to any plant with greater durability.  

Available in: 10" - 12" - 14.5" - 16" and 20"

Pot Luck Poly Planter Color Finishes

Bowls have a semi-flat bottom with smooth edges for a pleasing appearance. They can be used as a hanging planter or as a table top container.
Available in: 10.5" or 12.5" planters in Standard or Faux.

Bowls Hanging Planter Color Finishes

The 14" Table Top Radius Rectangle has rounded corners. Perfect for use on table tops, ledges, cabinets, and as wall planters.

Each planter measures 14" long x 6.5" high and 7" wide in and is available in Standard of Faux colors.

Table Top Radius Rectangle Color Finishes

Rectangles have square corners. They are frequently used for partition walls as a top or side mounted planter. They can also be used on table tops, ledges or cabinets.

Each planter measures 25" long x 6.5" high and 6.5" wide in Standard or Faux colors.

Rectangle Color Finishes

New Pro Plastics Wall Sconce The Wall Sconce is designed to hang on a wall in small work areas. It will hold a single 6" container.

Each planter measures 12" wide, 6" high and 6.5" deep in Standard or Faux colors.

Wall Sconce Planter Color Finishes

Quadrangle Rectanlge Plastic Planter The new Quadrangle Rectangle Planter is the "Super Star" of window sills and office cubicle partitions.

Planters measures: 6.5"W x 22.2"L x 6.25"W -  Available in 5 colors with slightly textured matte/satin surface.

Quadrangle Rectangle Planter Color Finishes


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