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Adding plants to your home or office... adds real value to your property.
The benefits of plants are quite diverse. Plants are always hard at work to make our environment happier, healthier, safer, and more productive.

Interior plants can reduce stress and lowers distractions from office noise.
Plants have been shown to enhance productivity by 12% while reducing the mounting problems of workplace stress. Additionally, plants can reduce busy office noise... lessening the frequency of workplace distractions.

Interior plants attract and retain selective employees...
Studies from Oxford University indicate that plants have positive effects on employee perceptions and dispositions... which may lead to increased employee retention.

Data from surveys conducted by Unifi Network of Westport, Connecticut indicates that in order to attract and retain top employees, workplaces must include aspects of what inspires those employees during their time off. Recent Gallop polls indicate that two-thirds of the American work force cite gardening as their favorite off-time hobby. It logically follows then... that plants should be included in the work place.

Interior plants boost comfort levels and reduce O&M costs.
According to a study out of Washington State University, plants release moisture in interior applications... creating a humidity level matching the recommended human comfort range of 30% to 60%. A comfortable office environment is more conducive to productivity.

In addition... when office air humidity falls below the recommended range, materials such as wood can become cracked. When office air humidity exceeds the recommended range, condensation on windows and exteriors walls can cause structural damage. By keeping office air humidity levels within the proper comfort range... interior plants can help to avoid costly repairs.

Cleaner Air... Reduces employee Down Time
Plant filled rooms contain 50% to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. By cleaning workplace air... plants can significantly reduce sick leave expenses. Plants absorb office pollutants into their leaves and emit clean oxygen... helping to reduce employee down time.

Common but dangerous microorganisms and toxins can become concentrated in sealed, energy-efficient office environments. In fact... research published by Bio-Safe Incorporated confirms that energy-efficient office structures are often 10 times more polluted than the air outside. Lacking an appropriate exchange of fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air, sealed office environments can lead to a marked increase in employee illnesses from poor indoor air quality.

Outsourcing Interior Plantscaping Services...
By outsourcing interior plantscaping services... key staff and management are able to focus more completely on task specific company goals. Many in-house staffs are spread so thin that they become unable to apply professional standards to their property. As a result, appearance and property value begin to suffer. Through outsourcing... the visual and bottom-line advantages of your property will be raised significantly.

To learn more about the benefits of plants at work... visit the Green Plants for Green Buildings site.


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