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We work with architects, building owners, designers and managers to develop a design to truly enhance the appearance of your building, office or home and create a warm, tropical environment. Whether you want just a few plants or require hundreds of plants, we will tailor the design to fit your needs and budget requirements. We offer a wide variety of plants and decorative containers. If we don't have what you are looking for... we will find it for you.

Purchase or Lease
Each customer has the choice of purchasing or leasing merchandise. You'll always receive the same quality maintenance service including our replacement guarantee whether you purchase or lease. The major difference is the initial investment. Obviously when you purchase, your initial cash outlay will be greater... but you will own all the foliage and containers.

If you choose to lease... your initial investment is lower and a monthly lease payment is required. Lease contracts are typically one or two years. After the initial lease period you have the option to buy all of the merchandise for the agreed upon price in the original contract... or you may continue to make monthly lease payments at a 10% discount off the initial lease rate.

Custom containers and specimen foliage cannot be leased. Foliage directly planted into building atriums must be purchased.

Plants are installed at the customer's site by fully trained specialists. Depending on the size of the job some of the installation processes will be performed at the Tropical Interiors warehouse facility. All plants will be properly staged into their decorative containers and topped with fiber moss.

All foliage will be acclimated at our warehouse prior to installation. The majority of our foliage comes from Florida or California with some coming from Hawaii. These plants do best when properly acclimated not only to lower light conditions, but more importantly... to our dry air.

Tropical Interiors uses sub-irrigation for all new installations. Plants will be potted into special sub-irrigation pots at no additional cost to the customer. Sub-irrigation lengthens the life of an interior plant... and reduces stress from improper watering. Over the years we have found that sub-irrigation is the best way to maintain the proper moisture level in our ever-fluctuating temperatures in Colorado.

All maintenance agreements include our replacement guarantee. In other words, we will replace any plant included in the agreement with the same size and type of plant if it becomes:

  • Diseased
  • Reaches maximum growth in it's present container (becomes root bound)
  • Expires due to normal conditions
  • Or is determined to be unhealthy by our Customer contact.

A fully trained maintenance technician wearing a Tropical Interiors shirt will visit your site each week. The technician will check the moisture level, clean, prune, rotate and check for diseases and pests. We fertilize during the growing season which runs from March to August, allowing the plants to rest for the duration of the year during their natural dormant period. We will also remove debris from the top of the plant and make sure that the moss and staging are still in place.

A senior technician will inspect your account every six weeks to insure that each plant meets our acceptable quality guidelines. If a plant is found unacceptable for any reason it will be replaced... or action will be taken to bring it up to our standards.

Disease and pest control are performed using organic and biological methods. We use soap or alcohol and water to keep plants clean. If a plant does become affected by disease or infested with pests... we will remove it and treat it at our facility with an organic spray. In atriums we use biological predators to control pests.


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